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Criminal Justice Reconstruction

Criminal Justice is unequal throughout the state of Alabama. This reconstruction is to lower the number of prisoners in the justice system through litigation, advocacy, and equity.

We all know that the criminal justice system is biased in our state. Advocacy, investigations, and "ground-up" change are needed to ensure that our system works for all Alabamians. Citizens should trust their justice system to do what is right regardless of the color of their skin.

Private prisons have corrupted Alabama’s justice system. It is time that we invest in recidivism and rehabilitation. As Governor, Yolanda will work with Nonprofit organizations to facilitate the growth and development of our formerly incarcerated Alabamians so that they may become productive and contributing citizens to our budding community. We must revisit fair sentencing and petty drug offenses that incapacitate so many black and brown individuals from ever pulling themselves up by their bootstraps.

Yolanda will propose forming a Justice League team to do research and to ensure things are done properly and fairly towards all inmates. The team will also ensure the Parole Board is following proper protocol.

Alabama's prisons systems have always been an issue, but it has come into the spotlight recently. Alabama's correctional facilities need proper funding, but there are other things that can be done to help the system as well. Yolanda does not approve of Governor Ivey's allocation of funds to build more prisons.

Yolanda said it best.

"It takes work to come to a solution, and the solution isn't just to build more prisons." -Yolanda Flowers

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