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Economic Reconstruction

Alabama's economy can be so much better if the right person is in office. Yolanda will fight for funding and an economy that works for everyone.

Because Yolanda is fervently pushing for the lottery, Alabama can enjoy many benefits. The lottery will provide revenue for many expanded programs and help the needs of the state.

It is Yolanda's goal to support small businesses and invite business into our great state to operate and grow. Yolanda will invest in community job training and workforce development to ensure that our workforce is always strong and our industries are always filled with hard workers who are prepared and ready to work. Yolanda will continue to shepherd the businesses that have already selected Alabama as home to their business and develop an Economic Development task force to ensure that we are above national economic prowess trends.

Alabama is open for business!

When we focus our attention on supporting our own lottery, we will gain much. Our money will go to funding our education, making it possible for our children to attend in-state universities and community colleges. Our children will have a reason for staying in Alabama and giving back. Our infrastructure will not be neglected anymore because we will have the money to pay for more staff. Our police departments will be able to hire more officers. Broadband will be accessible to all rural counties and small businesses.

Yolanda also proposes raising the minimum wage in the state of Alabama to $15 dollars per hour. Alabamians deserve at least a living wage.

Yolanda said it best.

"I will work to craft a budget that works for all Alabamians." -Yolanda Flowers

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