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Education Reconstruction

Education reconstruction means more funding for public schools, better-trained teachers, and desegregation.

Alabama currently ranks 49th in the nation for education. We have to incentivize our teachers and equip them with the necessary resources to succeed in the classroom. Our teachers' success in the classroom breeds success for our students. Yolanda has a plan to increase resources and invest back into Alabama schools.

Yolanda is proposing the Lottery to fund our schools. Money from the lottery will fund better built schools with clean, filtered water, cleaner air system, and two nutritious meals. Funding for public schools is crucial, and will be greatly increased by funds from the lottery. More funding will also help to increase teacher pay.

Schools must also be desegregated. The bias on our public school systems can still be felt today, and Yolanda will ensure that schools become more diverse.

Smaller classroom sizes are needed, but can only be achieved if more teachers are hired. Increased teacher pay will attract more teachers to the profession, and strengthening organizations like the Alabama Education Association will ensure that teachers are treated fairly.

Every student, upon entering school, is to be given a psychological evaluation to site any learning disabilities by the age of five. This will help the teacher, along with the psychologist, to better design a curriculum for the students and develop an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). This plan will follow the child to ensure they are successful through their education program.

Yolanda said it best.

"I support the lottery here in the state of Alabama to fund our students' education." -Yolanda Flowers

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