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Healthcare Reconstruction

Alabama ranks high for many health risks. Alabama’s new “Reconstructed Healthcare Plan Options" will help poor working-class citizens, the elderly, and small businesses to be able to obtain the health premium and healthcare services they deserve.

Healthcare is a right. We must create a comprehensive plan with top medical professionals and economists to determine a cost efficient healthcare plan that works for our most vulnerable population.

Medicaid Expansion is a must for all senior citizens. Yolanda will propose, as governor, that Medicaid Expansion apply to not only senior citizens but for those who do work yet can’t afford healthcare. It is the government’s duty to make healthcare affordable for those who do work with minimal to no premiums and low copayments for primary care physicians and specialists. Also, through the assistance of the lottery, prescription drugs will be more affordable for all who qualify.

Alabama has had too many rural hospitals close due to lack of funding, and Republicans have refused to allocate the funds for them. Hospitals are very important, and expanding Medicaid will help each county to have a hospital.

Alabama also has one of the highest mortality rates in the country. Access to high-quality medical care for low-income families will help to combat the mortality rate.

Yolanda said it best.

"For far too long, the Republican leadership in Montgomery has refused to expand Medicaid. As your Governor, I will work to extensively expand Medicaid and support our rural hospitals." -Yolanda Flowers

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